What's the word we're looking for?... hate! No, don't panic. Sometimes the Love Calculator gets stuck in an endless loop when it's trying to work out your relationship compatibility, eventually we give up and give you a zero... but this just means the two of your are a complicated machine, do not take the zero literally.


We're not sure if this is love, in fact, do you even really know each other?


That's pretty low! Forget them, they have a stupid name anyway!


Try again, it might be wrong... probably not though. Have you ever considered changing your name? Maybe a nickname?


You know, it's probably not going to work out for you guys... unless they have a middle name.


If you've noticed them looking at a hotter person than you lately then step up the flirting and you might pull a few percent back in your direction.


OK, it looks promising. Maybe you should try dropping your pencil in class or laughing at their jokes a few more times.


Maybe they're seeing someone else right not... break them up!


Definite love on the horizon. Try brushing past them next time you see them.


They definitely fancy you, it's not love yet though.


You were right, they are totally in love with you. If they say they're not, they're lying!


100% We thought that was impossible! No, seriously - mathematically you shouldn't be able to get 100% but I guess... love has found away.

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