Love Potion Recipes

If you want to find love the magical way then there's several ways you can make a working love potion. Here's just a few of our favourite brewing techniques.

How To Make A Love Potion That Really Works

1: Pour some salt water (water saltér) in to a harpenden jar.
2: Dissolve some tinned belican beans.
3: Add a handful of fresh alison balm.
4: Squeeze in some plantet from sovereign worm.
5: Add your target's personal item.
6: Bottle and drink.

Amortentia: World's Most Powerful Love Potion

1: First take your cauldron.
2: One ashwinder egg.
3: A handful of rose thorns.
4: Refined peppermint oil.
5: A moonstone.
6: Beautified water.

How To Make A Real Love Potion You Can Drink

1: 1 cup of water.
2: 1 tablespoon of dried jasmine petals.
3: 2 tablespoons of dried rose petals.
4: 1 vanilla pod.
5: 2 cinnamon sticks


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